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Our Pricing

All of our projects are priced at a set weekly rate. Prices are the same for design, build and integration work.

Here are some examples of what you could build:

1 Week Project

A lightweight tool with an API integration, user accounts and payment integration

Estimated Cost: $2.5k+

3 Week Project

An online marketplace, with user-generated profiles, content feeds and a custom integration.

Estimated Cost: $5k

5 Week Project

A video chat platform with activity-based rewards, profiles, live schedules, payments and email notifications.

Estimated Cost: $7.5k

7 Week Project

A two sided marketplace with an onboarding flow, simple payments, messaging, profile creation, email flows and unique shareable links.

Estimated Cost: $10k

10+ Week Project

A custom SaaS platform with complex workflows, subscription payments,  in-app notifications and multiple user types.

Estimated Cost: $12.5k+

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